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The name of the society shall be Mallakhamb Federation of India (MFI) – which shall hereinafter for sake of brevity be referred to as the “Federation”.



The registered office of the Federation which is its headquarters shall be at the residence of the Hon. Secretary.



The objects for which the Federation is established are:

  1. To promote and encourage the physical, moral and cultural education of the youth of the country for the development of good health and good citizenship.


  1. To encourage, promote, co-ordinate, control and regulate Mallakhamb (all kinds) competition and festivals within its jurisdiction and to secure adequate participation of the representatives of the affiliated units in National Games or in International competition and permission of the council of sports of India, Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs of the Govt. of India and also Indian Olympic Association (after securing their recognition of this game).
  2. To educate the people in general as to the value of the Mallakhamb (all kinds) in the nation (India).




  1. Membership of the federation shall be limited to the following:
  2. State Mallakhamb Association & U.T.
  3. Services Sports Control Board
  4. Railway Sports Board.
  5. All India Police Sports Board.
  6. Inter University Sports Board.
  7. All India Level Sports Bodies
  1. The State/U.T. members of association or units must be composed wholly of amateurs and be independent and autonomous and free from their state/U.T. or religious influence. They are to be approved by the State Olympic Association.
  3. A State/U.T. or member unit which fails to participate in the National Championship for three consecutive years, shall automatically loose membership of MFI, and there after they want to became member they have to apply a fresh and the admission shall be the discretion of the Executive Committee.



  1. The membership fee payable as a member as follows:
  2. State Association and U.T. Rs. 700/-
  3. Service Control Board and All India Police Sports Board Rs. 800/-
  4. Vocational units and All India Level Sports Bodies Rs. 800/-
  5. All membership are to be approved by the General Council of the Federation.



The Financial year of the Federation shall be from 1st April to 31st March of the following year:-

  1. All membership Fees shall be payable in advance within the First three months of the year (i.e., before 30th June of Current Year).
  2. Members in arrears of the dues of the Federation on any account shall forfeit the right to attend the meetings of the General Council Executive Committee and right to participate in all Zonal, National and International Meets.
  3. The right however, may be restored if the amount due to be paid during the financial year, should payment be made later, together with the surcharges of 10 percent thereon may be realized from the defaulting members.



The General Council of the Federation shall consists of the followings:

  1. A person of a high status appointed as Patron by the General Council.
  2. Two accredited representatives of all the affiliated State/U.T. units.
  3. Prominent spots persons of outstanding merit as a member of respective sports federation on Tenure basis selected by Executive Committee.



The Executive Committee of Federation consisting of the following:

1)        President:                                          -01

2)        Vice President:                                 -05

                        (Four Male + One Female)

3)        General Secretary:                          -01

4)        Treasurer:                                          -01

5)        Joint Secretary:                                -05

                        (Three male + One Female)

6)        Executive Members:                         -05


a)         President:                                         -01

b)        Vice President:                                 -05

(Four Male + One Female)

c)         Hon, Gen. Scy.:                                 -01

d)        Hon. Jt. Scy:                                      -05

(Four Male + One Female)

e)         Hon. Treasurer:                                -01


  1. Only the two accredited representatives of all affiliated State/U.T. and units have the power of vote and contest the election for Office Bearers
  2. Prominent sports persons of outstanding merit as member of respective sports federation on Tenure basis. The strength of such prominent sports persons with voting right should be minimum 25 % of the total member representing the federation and selection of such sports person should be in consultation with GOI Dept. of Sports.



The office bearer will be elected on completion of their tenure and Term of 4 years. The election guidelines notified by the Govt. in Annexure-XXXVII of National Sports Development code of India. 2011 will apply.



  1. The President can hold the office for a maximum period of 12 years with or without break.
  2. The General Secretary and the Treasurer may serve maximum of two successive terms of 04 years each after with a minimum cooling period of four years will apply to seek fresh election to either post.
  3. The president the General Secretary, and the Treasurer shall cease to hold the post of attaining the age of 70 years.
  4. Any vacancy of office bearer occurred due to any reason same will be filled by the executing committee.
  5. Holding of elective office by the Govt. Servants belong to Central and State Government and Associating himself/herself with raising any funds or other collections in pursuance of any object what so ever previous sanction of the Government or the prescribed authority is also necessary.
  6. No Government servant should be allowed to hold elective office in any sports association/federation for a term of more than four years or for one term whichever is less.


  1. Every member shall abide by the Rules and Regulations of the MFI, any member found guilty of ungentlemanly misconduct in Federation which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is detrimental to the interest of the Federation shall be liable for disciplinary action i.e., suspension or Expulsion etc.,
  2. To prevent sexual harassment of women, appropriate strict disciplinary action shall be initiated as per the law against the offender.



Organizing Demonstration of Mallakhamb (Rope/Pole) in India and Abroad through sponsorship for commercial T.V. and any other private organization prior permission of federation is mandatory for organizer and players/officials etc., who are participating or organizing the program.



  1. He shall be the Chief Executive Head of the Federation. He shall preside over all meetings of the Federation.
  2. He may guide the members in all matters relating to policy and organization.
  3. He may call emergency meeting of the Executive Committee and General Council as and when necessity arises.
  4. When necessary he shall perform all such duties pertaining to the office of the President and shall have a casting vote only in case of a tie.



The Senior most Vice-President (present) shall have power to perform the duties of the President in his absence or at his request. He may preside over the meeting when the President is absent.



He is the Executive Officer to the Federation and shall be responsible for carrying out all decisions of the General Council and the Executive Committee and shall see that all rules of the Federation are being properly observed. He will transact all official business of the Federation. He shall keep and maintain minutes of all meetings.

He will issue Notices of all meetings through email, Mobile SMS or letter, call for any paper or information necessary for disposal of any matter from the members.

He shall prepare Annual Report of the Federation and submit the same to all members.

He shall convene meetings of General Council Executive Committee or any meeting with the concurrence of Federation.

He may delegate his powers to any Jt. Secretary for the better and efficient management of the Federation.

He shall perform such other duty or duties as may be prescribed by the Constitution, rules bye-laws and resolution of the Federation.

He shall be the ex-officio member of all the sub-committee.



They shall perform such duties as may be assigned to them from time to time by the General Secretary.



He shall receive all moneys of the Federation and shall pay all bills duly certified by the Hon. Gen. Secretary or the President. In case the bill amount exceeds the budget, must have the sanction of the Executive Committee before payments.

He shall be in charge of Account Book, Important documents, vouchers, records, Bank Cheque books and pass books etc.,

He is to submit the statement of accounts to the Executive committee as and when necessary and shall place it before the Executive Committee or General Council every year.

He shall prepare and submit the Annual Income and Expenditure together with duly audited Balance Sheet. He shall, with the help of the Secretary, prepare an Inventory of the Federation Property and submit the same along with the accounts.



An account shall be maintained in such Nationalized Banks as may be approved by the Executive Committee in the name of Federation and shall be jointly operated upon by any two of the following:

i)         The Hon. Treasurer.             Ii)        The President            (or)    

iii)       The General Secretary.

            In each case Hon. Treasurer must be one of them.



  1. The General Council:
  1. To formulate and enforce the policy of the Federation.
  2. To carry into effect the objects of the Federation.
  3. To hold election of the office-bearers every four years in accordance with the rules of this constitution.
  4. To consider the Annual Report, Statements of Accounts and Budget estimate of the Federation.
  5. To admit membership to any organization eligible under constitution.
  6. To exercise such other powers and perform such duties as are incidental and relate to the purpose, object and powers of the Federation.
  7. To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as are incidental and relate to the purpose, object and powers the Federation.
  8. To have powers to frame bye-laws and rules which are not inconsistent with the Constitution.


  1. To conduct the business of the Federation during the interval between meetings of the General Council and duly report all the decisions and actions to the General Council for its approval.
  2. To appoint Special Committee for specific function and duties whenever necessary subject to the approval of the General Council.
  3. To determine the number of competitors managers and coaches, to be selected for any International contest or foreign tours.
  4. To initiate and recommend to the General Council Scheme for the Promotion and development of Mallakhamb in the Country and abroad.
  5. To consider the Annual Report prepared by the Hon. Secretary and audited accounts prepared by the Hon. Treasurer, before placing it to the General Council.
  6. To decided ways and means to raise funds for the Federation.
  7. To budget for the total recurring and non-recurring expenditure for the year based on income, resources of the Federation beyond which no expenditure shall be incurred unless approved and sanction by the Gen. Council.
  8. To hold trials or examinations for officials or training of Competitors and Coaches.
  9. To encourage, promote, assist in most contest and competitions between different Zones, States, Nations, Foreign teams and other visiting teams.
  10. To take disciplinary action against members for misconduct or any undesirable activities and place the matter for consideration of the General Council.
  11. To receive protests, complaints, appeals and claims and to dispose them off, according to the rules.
  12. To purchase or acquire any movable or immovable property of any interest there in for benefit of the Federation.
  13. To get Federation affiliated with the I.O.A. and International Federation.
  14. To delegate powers to any member if necessary.



  1. Annual General Meetings or the meeting of the General Council of the Federation shall be held by the 30th June of every year or 30 days sooner or thereafter. The following business is to be transacted in these meetings.
  1. To confirm the proceedings of the last meetings.
  2. To adopt the Annual Report.
  3. To pass the Audited Account.
  4. To consider actions of executive committee.
  5. To elect every fourth year the office bearers.
  6. To appoint Auditor every 4th year and to decide their remuneration.
  7. To amend Constitution if necessary.
  8. To transact any other business, the notice of which has been given in writing to the Hon. Gen. Secretary by 31st May latest.


  1. QUORUM:
  1. One third of the total members shall from the quorum at all the General Council Meetings.
  2. Executive Committee shall be of five, of which one Vice-President must be there.

Adjourned meeting will be held after half an hour of the adjournment & no quorum will be required for adjourned meeting.


  1. NOTICE:
  1. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be served atleast 21 days before the date of the meeting.
  2. An extra ordinary General Meeting can be conveyed by the Hon. General Secretary on urgent specific matter with a notice of 10 days. In such meeting only specific  matter will be considered.
  3. Requisition meeting of the General Council shall be conveyed by Hon. General Secretary on receipt of a writ by requisition signed by the one third of the total members of the Council. Such meeting shall be convened in writing 30 days from the date of receipt of such requisition. The requisition shall state the reasons for calling specific General Meeting & no business other than that mentioned in the requisition shall be transmitted in the meeting.
  4. Executive Committee meeting shall be conveyed by the Hon. Gen. Secretary with a notice of 10 days Emergency meeting and shall be conveyed for a specific matter with a notice of 4 days. Only specific matter shall be considered in this meeting.

In case of certain urgent matter of emergency the decision of the executive committee shall be taken by circulation and the decision shall be placed before the next meeting of the Executive Committee for re-cared.



Amendments if any shall be made only in the Annual General Meeting or General Council or Extra Ordinary meeting & by a 2/3 (two third) votes of present representatives. All proposed amendments must be presented to the Hon. General Secretary in writing & forwarded by him along with notice of the meeting.

***The above amendment to the constitution being submitted as per the letter issued by GOI Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports vide letter No. F-No. 84-3/2009SP-1 dated 10th March 2015 and guidelines issued by above department in National Development Code of India 2011.

Amendment in constitution has been agreed and approved unanimously in the extra ordinary General Body Meting of MFI held in Bharatpur, (Raj) on 20.12.2015.