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Compliance to anti-doping

The Mallakhamb Federation of India is committed to keep Indian Traditional game of Mallakhamb free from doping and will enforce the applicable anti-doping rules and policies including of WADA, NADA, and IOA in terms of provision contained in the Constitution of MFI.

Educating the people m general as to the value of Mallakhamb and to fight against any form of doping is one of the Objectives of the Mallakhamb Federation of India.

All  Mallakhamb Players and coaches desirous of international participation are required to undergo and pass relevant courses on the WADA Anti-Doping e-Leaming Platform.

Measures for prevention of age fraud

The Mallakhamb Federation of India is committed towards prevention of age fraud. There are predefined criteria concerning age of Mallakhamb Players for participation in national level events.

All the Mallakhamb Players participating in any championship or trial are required to produce duly completed and authorized Age Certificate / Aadhar Card (Photocopy verified by respective associations). No Mallakhamb Players are allowed to participate without proper age certificate.

Disciplinary action is taken against Mallakhamb Players if found to be producing incorrect or forged age certificate.

Citizenship criteria for selection of National Team

The Mallakhamb Federation of India is bound by and follows the rules of the MFI which are consistent to norm prescribed under the Sports Code.

Only Citizens of India holding a valid Passport issued by the Government of India are eligible to be registered as Mallakhamb Players for recognized International events and accordingly only such Mallakhamb Players are selected to the National Team subject to fulfillment of other applicable conditions.

Measures to prevent sexual harassment of women

The Mallakhamb Federation of India has provision for a dedicated committee named as Committee against Sexual Harassment

The said committee shall consist of up to 5 members, one of them being a Chairperson who must be a Woman.

The Committee discharges the following duties:

a.  To receive complaint/grievance on matters concerning sexual harassment

b.  Establish procedures, conduct a fair enquiry and submit report to the Executive Committee in a time bound manner to take appropriate disciplinary action in case of misconduct

c.  If the complaint amounts to a specific offence under Indian Penal Code or any other   law,   the  Mallakhamb Federation of India  will   take   steps   to   initiate   appropriate   legal proceedings in addition to disciplinary sanction.